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Testing…..testing……testing…………. | October 14, 2010


God bless the miners who made it to safety

God bless good news

God bless the children in Detroit Public Schools

God bless my early religious background that gives me these two words when I see examples of grace and beauty under extreme pressure and I am without words of my own.  

Students have been in school 27 days this  year. On Five of those days, the entire school schedule has been altered for standardized testing.

Let me get that calculator. Ok. If I am correct, so far 19% of the student’s school days have been spent measuring their progress. At the end of next week that number will increase to 27% of their school days being altered by state or district-mandated standardized testing. Hopefully, the odds will increase in favor of instructional days not lost to testing after that.

I am looking at my calendar. Joy of joys! Fifteen days of freedom until the next test. Somewhere in there we are to provide the students with a report card: 31 days in the classroom, learning, -vs- 7 full day long tests.  22% of their instructional days will have been interupted by a district or state mandated exam by the time of their first quarter report card.

In that time frame we have a chart of material to cover. Its breadth and depth would make you feel like you were drowning.

What does complicity look like for me? The last school I was at I spoke out against this testing, testing, testing. The administrator did not look at this as a sign that the teachers were behind them if we were going to speak up for the students who are being tested and tested and tested until there is no joy in learning anymore.

I was sent to another school with a stiff warning. Open your mouth, and you’re gone.


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