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Watch the Teacher Crumble | October 10, 2010

I finally went to the doctor and left with a fistful of prescriptions and warnings. Asthmatic, allergies, sinus infection, hypertension that will require medication if I don’t lose some weight soon, like now.  I was assigned me to teach a class during my prep every day for the past month. It’s not too personal. This same story is being told in different variations all over the Detroit district.  I tried to be one of the tough ones. I waited to go to the doctor, too long I think. A friend is taking over my duties at the newsletter temporarily. I am withdrawing from my classes at the University. Which is kind of rough since I need the classes to re-certify my teacher certificate. I wonder, if I make it back to work on Monday what my reception will be, since I am the teacher who got sick just to give my coworkers a hard time.  I don’t believe that my coworkers believe this, really. I don’t think this when I am covering for them. Everyone is being stretched thin. Someone said: “I think that they are trying to make ALL of the schools fail.” That person would get in big trouble if I said who they were. I never realized just how many people who work for Detroit feel threatened by all of these changes. It’s not just the teachers and the students who are being harmed by them. Administrators are forced into some strange and impossible role too. Some of them are better about it than others.  I know I am being boring and whiny.  I feel like I am in a too-long rooster fight and all of us are being pecked to death. And we’re picking each other to death on the way. I’m just not that kind of chicken.


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